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What's in store for you: Les Mills GRIT

The world may feel like it's stopped since Lockdown started, but one thing we can look forward to when we are allowed to get back to gyms is the new releases of our favourite Les Mills programmes!

For the UK, our quarterly releases are launched in January, April, July and October. So, unfortunately in 2020 we have missed our usual Q2 and Q3 launch days due to the closure of gyms and studios.

I want to share with you what's coming your way (don't worry no spoilers!) to give you something to look forward to when we are eventually allowed to teach live classes!

Or, if you're an On Demand user, maybe you want to know what to expect from the latest additions to the streaming service.


If you have a love/hate thing with GRIT you're not alone! Good news is that the new releases will challenge you as ever - my favourite way to get fit fast.

GRIT 32 (both Cardio and Strength) have a big focus on the 'ladder' format. This is great because it works on a 'goal' or 'target' system for you to hit in the different tracks - just make sure you're keeping count!!

My favourite track of Cardio is probably the Burpee Ladder - I am a sucker for a burpee challenge. Alligator Push Ups are also a thing. Yeah.

In Strength, I like the challenge of the Reps Ladder; a mix of moves totalling 150 reps to be completed against the clock.

For the GRIT Athletic discipline the focus is an old classic; Tabata. The bonus athletic block is combined with a block of either Strength or Cardio, depending on the class focus/ preference. I can't wait to try this when my barbell arrives!


Release 33 is back to more 'simpler' track structures so you can focus on maximum reps and maximum effort.

In Strength and Cardio I love the 02:01:01 tracks - a set of two integrated movements which is then split into individual sets. Giant Supersets are also a huge feature of the workout at around 9 minutes! This time, Lizard Press Ups are a thing .... yeah ......

For Athletic, the benefits have been designed to be the Athletic bonus block combined with Strength elements, so expect to embrace the burn! Tri-Sets are the Athletic focus, so be ready to dig deep; 30 second blocks to push fitness boundaries.

If you can't wait until gyms re-open, you can find GRIT playlists on Spotify or YouTube to check out the tunes!

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