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What's in store for you: Les Mills BODYPUMP

The world may feel like it's stopped since Lockdown started, but one thing we can look forward to when we are allowed to get back to gyms is the new releases of our favourite Les Mills programmes!

For the UK, our quarterly releases are launched in January, April, July and October. So, unfortunately in 2020 we have missed our usual Q2 and Q3 launch days due to the closure of gyms and studios.

I want to share with you what's coming your way (don't worry no spoilers!) to give you something to look forward to when we are eventually allowed to teach live classes!

Or, if you're an On Demand user, maybe you want to know what to expect from the latest additions to the streaming service.


Instructors in the UK will have had release 113 for a few months now, and perhaps some chose to launch the release early with the imminent Lockdown. I remember launch day plans coming to an abrupt halt just before we could deliver these new releases!

Before Lockdown you may remember the release prior (BP112 - available on LMOD) contained themes of earlier releases with moves such as the squat-heel-raise and high pull. BP113 continues this training style with a focus on high repetitions and high heart rate. This is the key to the BODYPUMP 'athletic' conditioning style; burning calories and challenging the muscles. Let's take a look at the tracks in some more (vague) detail;

Warm up - a nice little upbeat warm up, demo'ing what's to come in the workout.

Squats - perhaps my favourite tune of the workout, a great toe tapper (when you're not juicing your legs!), four rounds that drive the heart rate up with the squat-heel-raise combo we've seen for the past couple of releases.

Chest - bringing the pace down with this grungy anthem; the choreography mirrors the music with a chance to load up your bar and focus on fatigue, then drilling into the upper body with plate work to finish.

Back - a catchy tune that will find its way lodged into your head if you're anything like me! A solid back track that gives a real chance to nail those high-pulls again after a few weeks off class! Another chance to spike heart rate.

Triceps - one you may have heard on the radio, another upbeat number that will help you through this steamy tricep track .. probably one of the biggest 'innovations' of BP113, we see the 'integrated training' element coming into effect here - more bang for your buck by diversifying the training.

Biceps - a different sort of musical vibe for a bicep track but definitely works well! A close second of my preferred tunes of the release! For me, it's one of those bicep tracks that will leave you wondering 'how much more!?', obviously in the good way!

Lunges - the music really fits into the choreography here, you will feel every beat match every rep. Another of the BP113 innovations, we have moved away from the lateral squat movements off our benches but into a new style of unilateral training that will challenge stability and the posterior of the body.

Shoulders - another banger of a shoulder track tune - back to that EDM style to round off the workout. Plate work to sculpt all corners of the shoulder!!

Abs - another radio hit for our core track, short and sweet but features another exciting new move!


Am I getting ahead of myself here!?

Your Q2 releases (July) are here too. Your instructor may choose to launch these first instead of BP113.. who knows! Best just to cover all bases, right?

BP114 continues the objective of integrated training. Fitting more 'workout' into the workout; training multiple areas, improving skill and developing that 'athletic' feel.

Warm-up - a funky warm up tune that takes you through all the main moves of the workout.

Squats - Blink182 for BODYPUMP!? Wahooo!! Strap in for this one.. heel lifts are back and the pace will leave your legs rocking & rolling. Don't be intimidated, if you prefer, you can stick to single squats .. but there's no escaping the burn

Chest - an unexpectedly funky little number for burning into the upper body. A fine balance between weight work and push ups. Plus.. a move that you might not expect to find in the chest track..?! Here is the first of that 'integrated training'

Back - a track with all that power.. a focus on posterior power and triple extension with a plate work cardio kicker to seal the deal.

Triceps - another huge tune with 50 cent for triceps - this is a massive track, working with the bar for time under tension. Plus - another of the 'integrated training' innovations.

Biceps - did someone say LIZZO!? OH yes!! We go big for biceps. A real classic 'bicep track' feel with the 'rep effect' doing its thing to juice up the arms.

Lunges - along with the chest track this is perhaps my favourite track - I've been listening to this track in my daily playlist most days - and definitely one to get lost in the workout to. Integrated training is back again with upper and lower body, with plenty of options to help you progress with each class. It might feel like they accidentally slipped in one of the 'combo' tracks, but by putting more 'workout' into the workout we can get results faster.

Shoulders - back to the WILD, I really hope members get down with this track - what fun! We're back to isolation work to sculpt the shoulders and maybe over the weeks exploring weight options to increase the challenge.

Core - if you haven't heard this song where have you actually been in 2020 ..!? Great finish to the workout. The new move you'll see in BP113 is back again.

So.. if you were missing your Les Mills launches I hope this keeps the buzz alive! Don't worry, it won't be long now!! I probably speak on behalf of most instructors when I say that we can't wait to deliver these amazing workouts to you once more.

If you can't wait until gyms re-open, you can find BODYPUMP playlists on Spotify or YouTube to check out the tunes!

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