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What's in store for you: Les Mills BODYCOMBAT

The world may feel like it's stopped since Lockdown started, but one thing we can look forward to when we are allowed to get back to gyms is the new releases of our favourite Les Mills programmes!

For the UK, our quarterly releases are launched in January, April, July and October. So, unfortunately in 2020 we have missed our usual Q2 and Q3 launch days due to the closure of gyms and studios.

I want to share with you what's coming your way (don't worry no spoilers!) to give you something to look forward to when we are eventually allowed to teach live classes!

Or, if you're an On Demand user, maybe you want to know what to expect from the latest additions to the streaming service.


A whole-body workout challenging both cardio and conditioning through MMA inspired strikes and movement patterns. The highlights of BC83 are probably the multi-directional movements, option to go for next-level plyometrics and the return of a class Combat move that you won't see coming!

Warm-Up - might feel like a slightly slower pace than usual but gives us the chance to focus on the main moves of the workout and ensure we're mobilised for our first working track

Combat 1 - a kick-boxing and capoeira extravaganza! If you're a BODYPUMPer you will recongize this tune right away. Challenge speed and coordination in your first working track

Power Training 1 - a HUGE boxing track with lots of small repetitive blocks that will leave you wondering 'how much longer!?!?' - the first heart-rate peak with plenty of options to help push your limits.

Combat 2 - the return of a NOTORIOUS Combat tune .. Will you recognize it? How does it compare to the original track? A great chance to work on side kicks and push kicks - a manageable tempo to accommodate the power.

Power Training 2 - a real fun track, short, sharp and effective. A focus on speed in the boxing that (for me) requires real focus but hopefully you love it too!

Combat 3 - this one had me in knots! I had to really focus on my coordination but still a great working track after the peak of track 5. A new move which you should enjoy!

Muay Thai - the last cardio peak of the workout - a change in music style for our Muay Thai but I think it's excellent - plus the return of that classic BODYCOMBAT move [no spoilers!!] .. what can I say, you asked and they listened! Muay Thai will leave you feeling Victorious.

Power Training 3 - finishing the standing tracks with boxing. A monster of a track at 8 minutes! This tune featured in GRIT30 and I love it, it is such a brilliant finish to BC83. Power hooks that get you right in the feels.

Conditioning - Burning is a slow burner.. four minutes of controlled, integrated movements that will help improve your overall BODYCOMBAT performance. Plenty of options to help you progress over the weeks.


I really enjoyed doing BC84! The music fits the tracks really well, and I LOVE a hip-hop classic to round-off a fantastic workout (remember Jump Around in BC82!?) If you connect to the music in these workouts like me, then I think you'll like this one.

Carrying forward the multidirectional movement theme from BC83, the style is linked from the warm up through the main boxing tracks so you can develop throughout the workout using the familiarity of the movement! AND we are showcasing another new move for BC84!

Warm-Up - another uplifting warm-up that sets an energetic tone for the workout to come. Get familiar with the movements in these first tracks so you can level-up from here.

Combat 1 - a punchy punk-pop tune from Fall Out Boy to go with your NEW move for Bc84. This one is guaranteed to kick start your heart rate.

Power Training 1 - not unusual to find such an empowering track this early in the workout. Using the movement pattern from the warm-up, now's your chance to explore. I really enjoy this track.

Combat 2 - a reeeally powerful tune that matches the strikes well. Karate and Tae Kwon Do kick conditioning - using a KATA to demonstrate control and power. I need to practice my block patterns for sure!! Don't let it put you off, practice makes perfect! You will feel every rep in this 6+ minute epic.

Power Training 2 - such a fun track that will give you classic 'Sound Bang' vibes! No sprawls (burpees) in this track, but you'll definitely still want to make the most of your peak track

Combat 3 - capoeira-inspired conditioning for the legs, the pace may seem as though it's pulled back but there is a surprise kicker to this one! This one has actually grown on me a lot..!

Muay Thai - a high-energy Muay Thai track, going back to the more common 'electronic' sounds. A heavy, pumping beat to channel into that 'gritty fighter' .. elbows, hooks and knees to get down & dirty. Another opportunity to take options to challenge yourself here.

Power Training 3 - another epic to finish on.. 'Not Givin In'. Hook into the lyrics and test endurance and stamina here.. it's the final fight!!

Conditioning - possibly my favourite of the release, probably because of the song choice!? Just kick back & have fun with this one!

I hope you enjoy these releases as much as I do, let me know if you have favourite tracks or anything you're looking forward to trying! I really can't wait to bring these releases in my classes :D

If you can't wait until gyms re-open, you can find BODYCOMBAT playlists on Spotify or YouTube to check out the tunes!

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