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The Lucy Fitness Blog is now a BLOG!

Hello! Since mid-2016 I have been running an instagram page which I viewed sort of like my own 'blog' - a narrative of my own experience and observations on all things 'FITNESS'

I started it at the beginning of my own 'journey'. I hate how cliche it is but there we have it - I've said it and it's out there! I wasn't on any particular journey, just one that made me leaner, meaner, faster and stronger than I was at that moment in time.

The instagram page was mostly food pics (holla for a bowl of #proats!) but then I began to gain confidence in posting #progresspics and getting involved in the weekly hashtag roulette - everything from #mondaymotivation through to #happyhumpday and ending with #sundayvibes.

It began to get a bit tricky to decide what I wanted to post about. During this process I thought it would be a mad wicked idea to become a fitness instructor. So my posts started to revolve around what hints, tips, guidance I could provide on group exercise and the like. I was floating around in that qualified - but not as qualified as I could be - bracket where I knew I could offer others some guidance but always endeavouring to 'stay in my lane' (James Smith Podcasts various eps., James Smith et al, 2019).

Then crash landing to 2020 and lockdown happened. I was getting on quite all right as many of us are .. but the goldfish bowl effect came crashing in like a barbell during RANDY (howdy, CrossFitters).

I have all the conditions to make me happy, but viewing the outside world through the social media lens left me feeling hopeless. A bare reminder that social media is often the highlight reel and is designed to show you things you 'want' and 'like'.

I signed out of my trusty 'blog'. In doing so I had space to think about how I could still make the content I wanted ... but without the noise and influence of influencers. I needed a REAL BLOG. Free to be a little more.. me. So here we are. Welcome.

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