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My LMOD-a-thon!

One weekend. Eleven programmes*

Getting my Les Mills On Demand membership's worth!

* There are fourteen available On Demand, and even though I seriously considered it, I just couldn't make the cycle programmes (RPM, Sprint and The Trip) work without a bike!! (that would have been entertaining..)

When I mapped out my grand scheme for the LMOD-a-thon, I planned to do the eleven programmes split across a weekend; Saturday and Sunday. I wanted to do each split back-to-back (going for a 'Home One Live' event vibe..) but as you might know in Scotland our COVID Lockdown restrictions eased so we made plans for long-awaited family visits.

So, I worked them in where I could .. 4 programmes Friday, 2 programmes Saturday and 5 programmes Sunday! Needless to say my washing line is well-stocked with Reebok kit after those few days!

As I say I wanted the challenge to be 5/6 classes back-to-back, but it probably worked out for the best. As you are probably well aware at this stage, working out from home is not the best environment (depending on your home), especially in a flat.. in June.. on carpet.

I took options for many moves for our neighbours' sake, but I feel like I got the experience regardless.

I've tried most of the Les Mills programmes, however as an instructor I just wanted to experience this through participants' eyes. For the programmes I teach, how different is it to do this at home - possibly alone - with space and equipment restrictions? For the programmes I don't teach (or have never tried!) what makes them attractive, what can they offer?

There are also additional formats available On Demand like Les Mills HIIT, Dance, Yoga. There's also Hybrid workouts and specific plans that blend tracks from different programmes. When I first joined I loved doing the Core + Yoga workouts, a blend of CXWORX and BODYBALANCE. I want to try one of their 'Lower Body' workouts as well. Another recent plan they ran was designed 'for runners', a great way to vary training and improve performance.

So how was it?

Categorically speaking, I am not a dancer. You will learn this fairly quickly when you see my attempt at Sh'Bam and Barre (ripped that band-aid off quick, didn't I?) however I have to say they were quite good fun! The programme that I was actually most pleasantly surprised with was BODYSTEP.

This was my first ever class (without a step, no less) and I think it went okay!?! Coordination not perfect, but for a first-timer it was really fun and I can see the attraction of it as a programme. I would say it worked fine without the step, but I can definitely see the benefit in having one. Maybe I got lucky with the choreography of the release I chose?

Making do with a solitary 8kg kettlebell, I navigated my way through GRIT Athletic, CXWORX, BODYPUMP Base and GRIT Strength. Although not ideal I still got a great workout!

Here is the final product!

The releases were as follows;

I wouldn't advocate doing several programmes back to back in one day on a normal basis.. especially HIIT programmes. I would say 'I am a trained professional' but that seems like a far reach:

So maybe this guide gives you a little insight into the programmes and piques your interest to try something new!

So, have you tried any of those releases.. any favourites!?

Which programmes have you not tried yet & why?

If you have any questions for me - find me on Instagram!

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