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LFB Tuesday Tip

Hiya folks -

Prior to starting up the site, my blog was located mostly on Instagram.

For a number of weeks at the beginning of 2020 I ran a feature called #LFBtuesdaytip

I haven't put these videos on YouTube as many of them feature music which causes a few issues depending on the artist.

You can find all of the Tuesday Tip videos on Instagram on my feed, or by searching via the hashtag on Instagram. There were around 16 videos in total ranging different topics from technique hacks, motivational topics & general fitness tips.

Here's the full list to date;

1) Technique hack: stop making push-ups hard for yourself

2) Technique hack: how toot get higher kicks in BODYCOMBAT

3) Workplace mobility exercises

4) Dealing with negative mindsets

5) Understanding protein supplements

6) Technique hack: The Burpee

7) Mindset shift: taking ownership

8) The different between rest & recovery

9) Technique hack: executing the plate squat/ press

10) What makes a good coach?

11) Females and Fitness

12) Stay at Home

13) The Pitfalls of Goal Setting

14) Technique hack: nail your lunges

15) Perspective is Everything

16) Foolproof Protein Oats

I have stopped making the videos each week to divert content into the blog, but I do enjoy doing these tips, so if you have anything you'd like to hear more about you can message me on Instagram!

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