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LFB Product Review: FreeTrain V1 Vest


I put together a wee video chatting about a product I got my hands on recently .. the FreeTrain V1 vest.

It is a harness which holds your phone/ device during exercise. It's also got a handy zipped compartment (keys?) and a velcro compartment (snack?).

The product itself feels like substantial quality. The body is a scuba-type material that is soft and pliable and there are two sliders to adjust the (very stretchy) chest strap. This chest strap is thick and I did not feel as though this was restricting or cutting into me whilst moving.

I wore the vest for a 10km run, hill sprints, and also a 9km trail run (in the rain). The vest isn't waterproof per se, but my phone had a good level of protection from the elements.

The device compartment itself is very good. I have an iPhone XR and it fits fine, however the phone fits best when removed from its case. If your phone is larger than an XR I would check the measurements of this product. The touch screen handling works well through the plastic cover and the selfie camera too (or Face ID).

The key benefit of this product for me is that, unlike armbands, the device is placed in the centre of your gravity and does not hinder movement and momentum whilst running.

It's also got quick access to the phone for music, run-tracker apps, maps, or answering notifications.

If you have any questions about the product, fire away on Instagram!

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