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LFB in Discussion with ... Dr Bethany Sim!

Hello peeps!

I had the absolute pleasure of catching up with the delightful Dr Bethany Sim to talk 'health & fitness' and find out what she's been getting up to through this wee pandemic .. and trust me she's had her work cut out for her .. this girl is Wonder Woman!

Bethany is a lovely soul - we met at Aberdeen Sports Village as members who had fallen in love with Group Ex. She always shows up to classes with such energy and enthusiasm and is equally a joy just to sit and have a chat with. Bethany was also embarking on her own instructor journey pre-pandemic and is still keen to explore that someday.

2020 has been a distinctive year for most of us, but for Bethany, who was studying Medicine and due to graduate this year and begin her career as a doctor, it has been a year she probably won't forget! Not only did Bethany and her classmates have to forego the graduation celebrations some of us have the privilege of (after years and years of hard work), she was put onto the frontline to keep us safe & well alongside all of our amazing NHS staff. Another unexpected turn for Bethany was that she actually tested positive for Coronavirus early on into her working life too.

With her medical background and love for exercise, I really wanted to have a chat with Bethany and find out how these recent events have been for her, as well as the legacy that Coronavirus might leave on public health - particularly with the 'obesity' debate back in the headlines just now .. Bethany is amongst the new wave of healthcare professionals that will be looking after us for years to come and it's so inspiring to hear her talk about exercise and wellbeing.

Wonder Woman or what, right?

During our chat, Bethany excellently put it that when people are looking to incorporate more exercise in their life they should 'walk before they can run' .. quite literally! Exercise does not have to be an all or nothing relationship. We want to get people really excited about exercise and it should not feel like a chore or punishment.

Bethany's closing thought: Take care of your body and it will take care of you. Perfectly put.

Hope you guys enjoy this video!

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