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LFB Checking in!

Howdy :)

I can't lie, the pace on the blog posts has slowed down since the gyms opened back up here in Scotland! I wanted to write a quick check-in to keep you up to speed with all things LFB!

I'm busy juggling classes and my own WODs, and it's great to be back in action. It's like Lockdown never happened..!

At the moment I am teaching 3 classes a week with 2x BODYPUMP and 1x BODYCOMBAT - I'm thrilled to be back taking classes.

Same as before Lockdown I am enrolled for 12 WODs a month (3 per week) so that's already around 6 workouts in a week before I can get started on any running, yoga and GRIT.... oh boy!

Last week I rolled out the Les Mills United releases in my classes. I found myself getting weirdly nervous before the classes and I had to check myself. Before Lockdown, remember how we used to have big launch day events? Team teaches, fancy dress or themes, competitions and promotions ... well for now this has all been put on hold.. but the excitement for a new release is definitely still there! I realised that despite it being a 'normal' timetabled class, I was doing a whole launch all on my lonesome..! Normally I'd get to split the coaching with other instructors which means less pressure to nail the releases first time.

Plus, not forgetting that when the gyms re-opened on 31st August I had prepped myself to teach the releases from July which we all missed in Lockdown .. so that's 4 launches I've given myself in the last 3 weeks!!

I wondered why my head was going all mushy with choreography and I thought I was just out of touch having not taught classes in months - but no - I think I found the root cause! Overload!

So, if you're like me and second-guessing why everything feels a little difficult right now, yes, definitely give yourself time to re-adjust back to teaching but also that launching a new release on your own when you're used to launch events is a big deal too!!

If you're not launching new material right now, no drama. The feedback I've had from participants so far is that instructors are all doing different things and everyone is just glad to be back and in action!

And, if you're not teaching right now for whatever reason, it's still a very stressful time so be kind to yourself! Participating in classes is a great way to freshen up on choreography, tighten the technique and reignite your love for the classes and the Group Ex environment!

I am back at CrossFit somewhat regularly now - just trying to find a routine that works well with my classes! You may have seen it on my instagram, but I had a pretty close call with a nice little shoulder/ lat injury after my first WOD back (there's always one)

Strict pull-ups were on the cards that day for an EMOM challenge and I thought I had it down but after two (questionable) sets of four reps I was then onto box-assisted, and then onto negatives.. Wall balls were in the metcon, and we finished with 100 burpees (chest to floor). My lats had been awoken from their Lockdown slumber!!

By the time I got home I could already feel my DOMS, and by around 2 hours later I struggled to lift my arms overhead. Basically, for the next 3 nights I couldn't sleep on my side because my lats were so sore. Epsom baths (thanks, Lisa) and ibuprofen gel helped me through the next few days but my capacity to workout was totally compromised. Being 100% honest I did Google "Have I got rhabdo" more than twice.

Here's me 12 hours - 36 hours after !

I definitely do not want to find myself in that position again so I am exercising (lol) caution since it's still early days back to the gyms! I did exercise regularly through Lockdown but my gymnastics and weightlifting were so limited over the last 5-6 months.. it'll be good to familiarise with these workouts again and I'll use the opportunity to learn again! Anyone else write themselves off first week back to class??!

In any case I'm really glad to be back to CrossFit and a very varied style of training and the Claymore community is making the comeback really easy too!

My instagram content was quite limited through Lockdown because I was doing lots of home workouts, GRIT and running. It gave me more time to channel my interests into my blog posts, whereas now I've got more interesting fitness stuff to share and less time to write content. I wrote more on the blog than I thought I would actually! I set up the site with low expectations.. but it was definitely worthwhile because it's been nice to make the content in this space rather than just through instagram.

I've actually been asked to join a 'Step Challenge' with some of my work colleagues through October too!

I am very flattered by their enthusiasm to have me join due to my fitness background (quote; "we're so happy to have bagged you" .. eek) but I'm totally panicking because my steps have been utterly shocking this year!! Like many, I still work from home so I have zero commute! When I workout I usually do classes or WODs, so again, low steps..

To make matters worse - you may have seen my instagram Story today asking for advice on broken FitBits - but I don't even have a step counter to track my steps!! I'm definitely going to be the biggest disappointment of 2020 for these colleagues of mine!

Looks like I'll be programming some runs through October to try and boost these step counts .. now boarding the cardio train!

We're on the home run to the end of the year now. #12ishWeeksTilChristmas

In terms of Covid, things are looking uncertain in terms of restrictions and infection rates. I don't like to try and guess what's going to happen as I'm comfortable just going with the flow and adapting to the measures advised to us. For now though I'm really happy that gyms are open (more than I thought I would be) and hopefully my participants are too.

As the days get darker and colder here in Scotland make sure you set yourself up for success if you're getting back into fitness, or just starting out.

I quite like the balance of live workouts and home/ outdoor workouts... There's lots of ways to keep active at home too, but I totally understand the love for the 'real thing'. Since gym numbers are still quite restricted, it's always good to have a back up if you can't get on a machine or into a class that you planned to do that day.

Similarly, if you're a long-time class veteran and struggling to get booked in to your fave classes because of restricted places, it's no reason to shy away from the gym floor, or vice versa. If there's stuff you're not sure about, or you don't know how to get the most out of your workouts, pop me a message on Facebook or instagram - let me know what you're struggling with!

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