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Les Mills United - New Releases!

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

Heeeeere we are again team!

It's new release time and this round we have something really special.

The release timetable has gone a bit to pot with lockdown and gym closures this year but I wrote about the new releases back in July with new additions to Les Mills On Demand and our 'meant-to-be-launch' day.

Yesterday was Les Mills' World United launch day (19th Sept) where the release date was united globally to celebrate group exercise around the world.

United by fitness.

In their own words, the purpose of the World United campaign comes after a period when fitness participants have been locked down from friends, family, and familiar faces, so what better way to kickstart the fitness sector’s COVID-19 recovery than with a global festival of fitness – World United.

So what's different about these releases?

Well on the face of it, you won't notice anything different about these releases. They are still your favourite programmes & formats with great music and new fitness challenges.

The Q3 2020 releases are designed specifically to re-engage fitness fans in the wake of COVID-19. Named Les Mills 'United' Releases, Q3 2020 won't feature the usual release numbers. These releases were also filmed remotely on iPhones during lockdown, rather than the big studios we usually see. They also feature 300 of the world’s trainers & presenters from around the world across the 18 Les Mills programs.

So for those of you who use LMOD this will be a real treat when they land on the platform.

Great - what can I expect in class?

I'm here to give you the lowdown on my three programmes!


Another musically exciting release with tunes from Lady Gaga, Becky Hill and Steve Aoki. The music journey of BP United matches the feel of the workout, beat-perfect. A fun and challenging squat track, goose-bump inducing back track (my fave) and get ready to get thuggy on the bicep track.

Some of the recent BP releases have helped us develop our athletic drive, through lifting our heart rate with a quicker pace and using integrated movements to challenge the body. BP United offers us some fresh challenges but, for me, this release takes us back to BP basics - a powerful back track, old-school biceps track and static barbell lunges (this will be the longest 5:06 of your week!!) The squat track focuses on time under tension, especially in the bottom half of the range, to develop strength & tone.. Not a calf raise in sight.


The focus of BC United is 2 B's: Break and Build. Break down a move to develop technique, then Build to challenge intensity. This release was really exciting for me and I had a really great time trying out BC United and learning it. Each track has such personality that shines through in the martial art discipline.. Some of the themes from the recent past releases thread through, especially in our first boxing power track 3 and kick conditioning track 4. The HIIT-style track 5 is back with circuit-style training, offering both floor work and standing options to suit your level - or help you to push it. Capoeria is back again too, a real leg burner, and for some reason I feel like this track 6 is quite nostalgic too!? I actually think it's my favourite track of the release! Well.. the warm-up actually comes quite close to that title - I think the music selection for the warm-up in BC United is on point.. throwback to late BC 60's anyone.. ?

GRIT United

Confession time: I have only tried GRIT Strength of the United release so far!!

No understatement, but the music is as cool and epic as ever - exactly what you expect from a GRIT class. Thrilled to hear 'Daddy Fat Sax' for the Core Challenge.

GRIT Strength United was super fun participate in; especially the "Reactive Power" track, using the forever-favourite 'coach call' style training. But the release doesn't hold back.. saving a "Tabata 2.0" track til the end. Don't worry - you'll find these in the Cardio format too! The Athletic block has a 'beep' test and 'pacer' tests that will give you mega throwbacks to school PE and really test your fitness!

I really hope you enjoy this Quarter's round of releases and feel the love with the United workouts!

Our workouts are our time for ourselves - but we share the experience with each other.

It is our space to smile, to struggle, to sweat, to strive.

To health and happiness.. We are all united through fitness.

Let me know if you tried the United releases and if you have any new favourites!!

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