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How my Sunday went

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Hi gang :)

Just hopping on to share a little bit of how my day has been today.

I hope you are well and have enjoyed the weekend (so far!). How have you spent it?

Were you busy, did you have a few jobs to cross of the list? Or did you take some 'me time' before the new week starts? Either way I hope it was productive and enjoyable.

We, here in Perth, were escalated to Tier 3 Coronavirus restrictions this week. Luckily this does not affect me greatly, but the main impact is on Group Exercise which I both instruct and participate in. We are lucky to still have gym facilities be open for the time being and a wide variety of home workout options, so it is a case of making the most with what you have.

Are you managing with the new Tier so far? What's been the biggest impact for you? If you need to reach out on anything fitness or mindset related, let me know and I will do my best to help or point you in the direction of someone who might!

With my classes cancelled for the time being I am keen to use the time to tend to some of the areas I have been neglecting in my fitness.

On Friday evening I went for a sports massage - my first since we moved to Perth! Yikes!

(it's been a year since we moved by the way). I knew I'd benefit massively from this, and it's safe to say I was in good hands at RX Sports Massage. My shoulders and upper back have felt great this weekend, like night and day! My pal Lisa who looked after me up in Aberdeen always stresses the important of regular sports massages, and she isn't wrong.. I can't believe I left it so long!! The shame!

Speaking of other things being neglected.. I woke up this morning and spotted a glimmer of sunshine outside, so it was a good a time as any to go out for a run. My running has been fairly sporadic since lockdown ended, my last run was a tiny little 20km around Loch Leven (as you do).. and that was weeks ago. Consistent at being inconsistent..


I wanted it to be short today, so I set out for a 5km round the park.

I listened to the Chasing Excellence podcast, episode 139 Valuable Skills, Health Metrics & Resiliency Tips on my run, and I particularly recommend this episode. The resiliency part was entirely applicable to me, being discussed in my final kilometer..

When I got home, knowing the run was shorter than usual, I wanted to squeeze in a quick round of core before I attempted to peel off my sweaty kit.

Core work is something I know I'm particularly weak on, especially with my Toes-to-Bar escapades at CrossFit over the last few weeks! So in the spirit of weeding out these activities I put off (and off, and off) I rolled out the mat and got to work.

My circuit looked like this:

Tabata alternating between two moves

40 secs on, 20 secs rest, for 8 rounds each set

  1. V-ups / Y-lifts, then 1 minute rest; and

  2. Butterfly sit-ups / push-up into hollow body, then 1 minute rest; and

  3. Single-arm plate fly with crunch / lying leg lifts (reverse crunch).

I use a generic (free) WOD Timer app to help me with my work & rest periods but any sort of alarm or timer will work.

Aaaaand here's the playlist I listened to while I did that;

If I'm honest it wasn't entirely dreadful. Like mobility and stretching I enjoy doing these things and understand the benefits of doing them, it's just setting aside the time and headspace to actually do them. How do you manage these tests of willpower, or do you find yourself in the same boat as me sometimes?

The above podcast from my run actually touched on this too .. If it's 15 minutes of your time, why put off that 15 minutes by thumb scrolling socials, hitting snooze, or channel hopping when you could have already had the task done, probably 15 minutes ago?

After lunch I hopped on here to get some of my admin jobs done and began to jot down some blog ideas for the coming week!

If you blog, do you just note down your ideas and let them develop as you revisit them or do you manage to produce a full blog whenever it pops into your head? Strategies welcome!!

Blog writing is a task I deliberately placed into my *things I enjoy* box when I started doing it. There is zero requirement for me to make targets, goals or deadlines for this.. as soon as I do that it will probably become laborious and end up going into the other box (alongside running, stretching and core conditioning...). So I've got all my must-do, should-do, and like to-do tasks done for the day.

My admin tasks and blog writing have been tuned up with some lo-fi. This one's a personal playlist curated for me by Spotify.

So, that's just been a little about my day today. Feel free to tell me about yours too! Find me on Instagram, or Facebook

Have a great week ahead!

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