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Great Fitness Gift Ideas

Spare a thought for all those whose birthday celebrations have fallen by the wayside in 2020 due to Lockdown.. not to mention Fathers Day fast approaching too (Sun 21st June for UK)!

It doesn't stop .. and the gift-giving doesn't need to either.

Time to think about what those fitness fanatics in your life really want this year?

I could write lottttts of headings dedicated for runners, CrossFitters, yogis, hardcore gym bunnies .... but have split this into high-mid & mid-low price ranges to keep things concise. If nothing this may get your creative juices flowing to find that special something for that special someone.

Okay here we go.

Budget: High - Mid

Activity Trackers

Seems like the most obvious one to include on a list like this. Chances are anyone who's relatively active in your life might already have one of these. Activity trackers. Watches that count your steps and tell you how fast your heart is beating.

Mixed views on activity trackers, but for keen movers & shakers they are a good tool to motivate you and aid accountability.

Devices range from a modest £69 FitBit to upwards of £600 Garmins. Spend accordingly.


Good shoes are the good foundation of a workout.

It's quite an 'intimate' gift, and easy to get wrong, so unless opting for a voucher you will need to do a bit of research into the shoe and the recipient. Good news though, sites like Wiggle have loads of choice and can be cheaper than going brand-direct - and they do gift vouchers!

For running, you'll need something that provides adequate support for feet, ankles and arches, gait, cushioning as desired, and style. Running shoes can average out at around £70 with plenty of options above and below that mark .. you'll need to judge the best options.

For general gym training most keen gym goers (CrossFitters at the top of that bracket) love a Reebok Nano and this year it's the X that takes centre stage, with the main contender being Nike's Metcon. Other brands are now entering the field though, including inov-8, New Balance, and Mizuno with their own multi-disciplinary footwear looking to compete with the well-loved Nano. The Nano X will set you back roughly £109.95 (unless you know a trainer with #Reebok discount *cough*)

Home Equipment

Is 2020 the year of the home workout? Likely.

Finding home equipment in stock online is like finding solid gold.

Handing over a pair of dumbbells, a kettlebell, weight-vest, resistance tube or TRX set for a loved-one's special day will instantly promote you to 'saint' status. Fact.

There are dozens of websites that stock gym kit, from high street retailers like Argos and Sports Direct or specialists like Rogue, Origin, or MiraFit (to name very few) but finding one with stock is anyone's luck!

The Les Mills' Smart Tech line is arguably the most stylish and intuitive home studio equipment on the market, regardless of whether you will use it for BODYPUMP, GRIT STRENGTH, CXWORX or any of the other conditioning programmes or your own workouts. It will, however, set you back £385 + shipping for the bar and plates alone.

Quad Lock Phone Mounts

Despite the individual components coming with price tags around £29.99, you will need a phone case for your device to fit the respective mount (armband for running, bike mount, car mounts). Depending on your device this gives a combined price upwards of £45.

More aesthetically pleasing than conventional velcro armbands for runners, this is sure to get any runner or cyclist feeling excited about their next workout.

Great Workout Gear

Even if it is at home for the next few weeks/ months, working out at home doesn't mean it can't be fashionable! If trainers are the good foundation of a workout, the clothing itself is the cornerstones.. who doesn't feel good stinking up a new set of kit!?

Again, an intimate gift (sizing, style, material preference) but with many sites offering free returns it's a good way to order a few sizes and send back anything that didn't make the cut. Many retailers will also offer vouchers - Reebok for example, or Decathlon which stock various different departments.

If your loved one has been loving LMOD workouts, they can grab the kit that the presenting teams wear on stage.

Items of clothing vary greatly in price with the brand, but expect an outfit (tank, shorts or leggings, sports bra) to set you back £100


Music is essential to a workout. Scientifically proven links.. increased focus, reduced RPE (rate of perceived exertion), reduce boredom.. See follow-up below.

Headphones again vary in price - personally I use wireless headphones but others may prefer in-ear or ear-hugging styles. The ones I use are these House of Marley headphones, after around 2 years I can't fault them, I love them. Sustainably crafted from FSC® Certified Wood, REWIND™ Fabric and Recyclable Aluminium .. £49.99 is not shabby either.

Budget: Mid - Low


As above. It's a no-brainer.

So if trainers are the foundation, great clothing is the cornerstones, then great music has to be the bricks and mortar. Essential.

Set up a Spotify account and opt for a Family option where other members can share your account. Or gift a 3-month membership for £30.

Easy to use, endless artists, and a plethora of Spotify-made playlists for any mood.


The necessity of supplements is a grey area. Be aware of calorie-dense, overpriced supplements .. But they can make yummy gifts!

There has never been more choice in sports nutrition and the range of products is staggering. Gifting a selection of bars or shakes might just make the whole fitness thing a little more tasty. A box of 12 bars might come in between £10-£30. A rule of thumb I like to apply when searching for deals is that I wouldn't pay more than £2 per bar.

Steer clear of that back left aisle of Home Bargains, keep walking past the queue-line dregs of DW Sports and leave it to the experts...

  • MyProtein - look out for a discount code online, sometimes samples and hampers available that make a good gift!

  • Oatein - usually exceptional deals. Recommend HYPE bar or Flapjacks!

  • Grenade - the acclaimed CarbKilla is your best bet - get a selection box if you can

  • Creative Nature - less on the 'sports nutrition' side and more yummy goodies with considered recipes (often vegan) and nutritional info.

  • TruWomen - the priciest product I have come across but DELICIOUS. Sucker for pretty packaging.

If you are struggling with online purchases, head down to Holland & Barrett and grab a few bars.


Yeah, what better gift than the written word.

Some great books available, ranging from mindset, performance, biographies ... Help your loved one get their head in the game. A huge range available, but some of the most notable include;

  • Dottir: Katrin Davidsdottir's account of becoming the two-time Fittest Woman on Earth. One on my list highlighted and underscored. Using that link will direct you to other related books, such as Toomey's, Briggs' and Froning's. Essential reading for CrossFit enthusiasts. That said, any biographical account by your recipient's favourite athlete would likely go down a treat. Feed their inner fan-boy/girl.

  • Chasing Excellence: a great mindset and attitude guide. CrossFit oriented but not exclusive to CrossFit, if you can work your way around the CrossFit terminology/ anecdotes it's a game-changer.

  • The Chimp Paradox: not exclusive to health nuts, but acclaimed by athletes nonetheless. Helps to understand and manage your own and others' thought processes.. and help you be, generally, a better person.

  • The Fear Bubble: another one on my own list, I've heard good reviews of this one; Ant Middleton's book on 'living without limits'. Again, check out the related items on that link for similar books by the SAS lads.

  • Autobiography of a Yogi: one of the most prominent books in Yoga, and a best-seller. A must have for any yogi in your life.

Freetrain Phone Harness

One on my Christmas list. Fed up of armbands that slide down my arm, faffing around trying to start my Strava and get the phone in the plastic and on my arm... At £29.99 this is a worthy alternative to the above Quad Lock.


If gifting a shiny new outfit is a little out of your intention, accessories can be just as thoughful. Following the analogy running throughout the thread, if music is the bricks and mortar, accessories are all the special touches that make the place habitable.

Anything from new trainer socks, to a water bottle, kit bag, sweat towel, grips/gloves, running glasses, yoga mat ....... Mini-hamper, anyone?

Check out the likes of MyProtein for ideas. If TK Maxx is open, it's probably a decent bet too.

Good luck!!

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