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Four Apps To Take Control of Your Fitness

Four essential apps certified by LucyFitnessBlog to supplement your active lifestyle.

Equip yourself with some of the best apps to take control of your fitness.

1. Activity tracker: Strava

Handy for scrutinising runs or bike rides; record routes, pace, elevation and even a calorie burn. The calorie burn is not an exact science, but if you're in the numbers game of cals in & cals out this will be a great help. Other apps are available including Nike and MapMyRun (the MyFitnessPal counterpart) as well as product-specific apps such as FitBit and Apple Health.

2. Calorie tracker: MyFitnessPal

I've mentioned calorie counting a couple of times through my blog. Please know that it is not a subliminal message for promoting 'food guilt'; I simply believe that many people would benefit from recording their calorie intake, even for a temporary period. MyFitnessPal makes this as painless as possible through its huge catalogue of saved products, a barcode scanner, recipe creator for your homemade meals and macronutrient counter.

3. Access to Workouts: YouTube

Yep. A little underwhelming .. but it is good old YouTube. But with thousands - possibly millions - of videos at your fingertips for free, there's everything from yoga to HIIT (including mine!)

ROMWOD ('Range of Motion Workout of the Day') are a particularly good feature to any workout schedule. Though it can benefit those who train intensely, it will never not be a good idea to work on mobility no matter your fitness level! There is aa dedicated ROMWOD app but various resources available on YouTube too.

Other apps are available to equip you with workouts on-the-go, such as Les Mills On Demand, but most will come with a subscription and price tag.

4. The Sounds: Spotify

I was sceptical about signing up to a music-streaming service for a long time. I did not think it would benefit me and anything that comes with a cost I am usually reluctant to consider. However, I believe Spotify is a very justifiable expense.

I can't imagine life without it now. The offering, connectivity to devices (phone, TV, laptop, speakers...) and intuitiveness of the app itself is why it is my #1. It even learns what music you might like and suggests mixes based on your frequent listening.

An endless music catalogue. Podcasts to stoke your interests. Playlists to fuel your workouts made by brands, fitness personalities, and even me!

There are playlists that are designed especially for working out - such as music with built in interval timers, or specific bpm & counts for running or 'exercise to music' workouts.

Others will use alternatives such as Apple Music, Amazon, YouTube, Deezer etc but for these reasons my vote is for Spotify. A 'family' membership allows multiple accounts per household subscription, so more value for money.

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