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Fitness Christmas Gifts for your FitFam!

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

It's beginning to look a lot like.... Fit-mas?

Back in May I wrote up a blog on Great Fitness Gift Ideas for friends, family and acquaintances whilst in lockdown!

A lot of these ideas would still make your fitness fanatic fairly happy so please do check out that list! Some of these included;

  • The usual 'activity trackers' including FitBits and Garmin watches;

  • Headphones;

  • Books;

  • Phone mounts and harnesses;

  • ..and more!

I don't have a crystal ball but I'm guessing this Christmas will be quite different, we definitely don't want to spread Coronvirus - only Christmas cheer!

If you're on the ball you'll also be able to take advantage of many Black Friday offers currently being promoted at the time of writing (mid-November)

Let's goooooo:

Sporty Stocking Fillers

Perfect pocket/ gym-bag sized pressies always go down a treat, also good for postage or something like Secret Santa!

  • Wraps, straps, sleeves and grips.. Reyllen grips are highly rated in the CrossFit community, or what about these Eleiko lifting straps ? Knee sleeves, lifting belts, and other gym bag essentials would make a lovely gift! has lots of top brand accessories to choose from.

  • Socks, headbands and sweat towels make great wee gifts too. May I highly recommend HEXXEE socks - and may I also say you get 15% off with code BBLUCY .. Merry Christmas!

Rad R+R

If your loved-one likes to hit the gym hard, here's some gifts for tip top recovery..

  • Low budget: a foam roller (usually found in TK Maxx or Sports Direct!), lacrosse ball and tiger balm can all be sourced for up to £10

  • Medium budget: find a local sports massage therapist in your area and gift a voucher! Speaking from experience, sports massages make a world of difference for maintenance and performance. A massage would cost between £30-£50

  • Higher budget: massage guns are a trendy accessory that, for those who are very active, is a worthwhile investment. Ones like Pulse Roll or Theragun get fab reviews.

Kit out for Confidence

It's no fib .. kit that looks great and makes you feel great will help you step out with confidence!

Brands like Gymshark and MyProtein are the 'cool kids' on the block for workout gear.

But, the old reliables like Reebok and Nike are sure to be a hit.

For footwear, don't forget about the age old battle .... Metcon or Nano? For studio class regulars (Les Mills classes and other group exercise..), something like the Reebok HIIT shoe might go down well.

Niche brands for certain activities, like Rogue and NoBull for CrossFitters, or lululemon and Sweaty Betty for yogis might be a little more pricey, so even a gift voucher option might be nice for when the sales land.

Fitness Foodies

We all know fitness foodies LOVE a meal prep, right?

Chances are they might already have one, but a slow cooker is a kitchen essential for prepping hot meals for inhaling post-workout. Various capacities, features and budgets to suit your (their) needs.

Similarly, I have seen amazing things about multi-cookers online. This Ninja Foodi is a WHOPPING 9-in-1 appliance that you can Pressure Cook, Air Fry, Slow Cook, Steam, Bake/Roast, Sear/Sauté, Grill, Yoghurt and Dehydrate... you can even cook and crisp a whole 3kg roast chicken! WAAAT!

It might be quite 2017, but you can't beat a decent blender for those smoothies .. #smoothiebowlappreciation.

Lifting this exact section from my May blog (Great Fitness Gift Ideas) ...

Steer clear of that back left aisle of Home Bargains, keep walking past the queue-line dregs of DW Sports and leave it to the experts...

  • MyProtein - look out for a discount code online, sometimes samples and hampers available that make a good gift!

  • Oatein - usually exceptional deals. Recommend HYPE bar or Flapjacks!

  • Grenade - the acclaimed CarbKilla is your best bet - get a selection box if you can

  • Creative Nature - less on the 'sports nutrition' side and more yummy goodies with considered recipes (often vegan) and nutritional info.

  • TruWomen - the priciest product I have come across but DELICIOUS. Sucker for pretty packaging.

MyProtein usually release festive flavours at this time of year too, so you can make your own yummy selection box!

Grenade also launched their advent calendar, but every time I've checked it's been sold out, yikes!! Keep checking, or perhaps other re-seller sites will have some in stock.

I feel a sense of duty to note that protein supplements (be it bars or shakes or other snacks) are exactly that; supplements. Like any dietary supplement, you should aim to consume this through food in your diet and only rely on supplements for the final slim % of your intake, if at all, take vitamins as a similar example. You'd likely be better just eating your fruit & veg than popping a Berocca.

I don't have a crystal ball but I'm guessing this Christmas will be quite different, we definitely don't want to spread Coronavirus - only Christmas cheer! until you get you next meal. That's not to say a standard snack bar or piece of fruit, for example, wouldn't be any more or less calorific than a protein bar (probably much cheaper too). Nevertheless it makes a nice gift and shows your gym buddy that you're trying to relate!

Very Vegan?

New pal that's gone Vegan this year? Secret Santa for that colleague literally know nothing about except the one thing they did tell you .. they're vegan?

Try this:

  • Vegan sports nutrition - most popular brands now have ample Vegan ranges (try Foodspring, MyProtein for example)

  • Books - I have both Max La Manna's book (which also has great low-waste tips and recipes) and Lucy Watson's Feed Me Vegan book, both have some pretty epic recipe ideas

  • Depending on where you live, a voucher of hand-picked gift from a health food shop will probably be warmly received. For me, there may be independent local shops but Holland & Barrett is probably the one most people in the UK are familiar with. I will say that Superdrug are doing a great job with their selection of vegan-friendly own brand cosmetics too.

New Year Newbies

Got the benefit of foresight? Predicting your pal is going to ride the 'health kick' wave in the New Year? Let's help them set their best foot forward*.

Running is probably the most accessible activity available, it is free! Something to hold your phone might be great shout though.. I have the FreeTrain V1 vest and its SO MUCH BETTER than those pesky arm bands. Not sure? I did a review on it here.

Workout gear from big brands, but on a budget? Say no more.. try MandM Direct or pop down to TK Maxx.

Can't go wrong with those helpful accessories like a kit bag (mine's Reebok), yoga mat (mine's Gaiam), or water bottles/ shakers .. every little helps

*it's not a gift per se, but be on the ball if your pals or family start flirting with these juice detoxes, tea cleanses or other nonsense like pills and powders.. there's absolutely no short cuts when it comes to fitness or fat loss. So encourage healthy habits only please!

Splurge Central

Does your special someone deserve something super special? Here are some fitness gifts with a *slightly* bigger gift tag ..

Qualifications, certifications and training. Is your fitness fanatic on the verge of taking their passion to the next level? Check out training providers (like Fitness Training Scotland) for ideas for courses .. or for Les Mills participants, are you thinking about taking the step to becoming an instructor?

Electric bikes are also more popular than ever before. Depending on what features you're looking for, these can vary from this Argos hybrid (£139), to this full electric from Halfords (£1,499) .. and beyond! ££££

Does the yogi in your life want to take their practice away from the local leisure centre? Yoga retreats are pretty cool these days.. some even do things like vegan food plans, meditation and mindfulness.. (even dancing!) so it really is an experience. I would love to try one, either in the UK or somewhere more exotic. Here is a site that curates some of these experiences. Gosh, I know most of us will need a holiday after this past year!

Lastly .. supporting local businesses has been a key mantra for 2020. Your local Personal Trainers are no different. Many trainers are freelance, or self employed, either lucky enough to have their own premises (which bring about operational costs in itself) or pay a 'rent' to the gym they operate within. Seek out local recommendations discreetly by tapping into local Facebook groups or Google Reviews and ask about vouchers for packages or block-buying sessions.

PTs might be offering Christmas specials just now so shop around and find someone that fits the bill for what you think is best - strength training, rehabilitation, fat loss, physique, menopausal fitness .... PTs are like doctors, they will specialise in certain things or have a natural coaching preference, so ask before you buy!

A PT might charge between £30-£50 per session, so a block of 10 could be up to £500. With the right trainer though, your loved one will gain skills, technique and confidence they can carry beyond these sessions - it will be worth every minute.

Well... good luck, and I hope this has brought you well into the Christmas spirit!

Still need help or ideas? Message me on Facebook or Instagram and let's chat gifts!

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